We offer a range of gardening services to help you enjoy your outdoor space all year long.

Services Description
Edible GardeningPlanning, planting and maintenance of vegetable, herb & fruit gardens.
Garden GiftsCustom design & planting of large and small gift containers.
Gardening with AnnualsPlanning and planting annual containers, borders and beds.
Garden ConsultationsWe can help you plan and offer ideas on how you can create or improve upon your outdoor space to include flowers, fruits and vegetables.
General Gardening Everything from transplanting to helping you manage your weeds.
Garden Coaching Work with us in your garden on a new project, learn tips & find out how to manage your garden season from season.
Garden Maintenance We can help water your pots while you are away or busy, and deadhead and fertilize your containers to keep them looking their best.
Container Gardening We plant and design seasonal custom containers and offer maintenance starting in the spring and extending into the winter.
Garden Shopping We can help you pick out your plants at a greenhouse, or pick up your plants and deliver them to you.

Hourly Rates

Garden Services & Consultations
  • Per Hour
Container Garden Maintenance
  • Per Hour
Garden Shopping & Delivery
  • Per Hour

Fees & Payment

We accept Checks, Cash and Online Payments

Travel Fee will be billed based on distance traveled to each location. Clients will be charged for travel outside Northfield Township. IL. Beyond that radius ($.60/mile) will be charged per appointment.

Pay Per Visit Pay for services after each visit including plants, travel and labor.

Deposits of 50% will be required for visits that include plant purchases over $50.

Seniors will receive a 20 % discount on all services.

What’s The Plan ?

We offer weekly, monthly & seasonal plans for services!

Yearly contracts offer a hassle free way to book services and have regularly scheduled visits throughout the year that fit your needs. A 10% discount will be applied for payments of gardening packages at the beginning of the season.

  • A contract will be sent to you for approval at the start of the season for your approval. 
  • Appointments can be scheduled prior to the start of the season.
  • Confirmation messages will be sent 1 week prior to each appointment. 
Are you going out of town? Need help maintaining your garden?

Our maintenance services offer a reliable way for you to keep your garden looking great while you are out of town. We also offer maintenance options for seasonal container gardens that we plant on site.

We will water, deadhead and maintain your garden and containers at a discounted rate, with daily and weekly visit options.

Garden consultations offer people a way to get ideas, make plans, and identify the best plan, pots, flowers and food for their space. From starting a new garden project to maintaining an established garden, we can offer suggestions on how you can improve your garden, or make changes, and how you can manage it throughout the seasons.

For those who are new to gardening, or trying to create a garden in a small space, we can help relieve stress and help you create a plan and help you create the garden of your dreams!

No space is too small for a garden!

Refer a Friend

Know someone that can use some help with their garden? Each referral adds credit towards your future services every-time you refer a new client to us!

Get a $15 credit for future services and give $15 at the same time!

Share the message below with your friends and family via text or on social media!

I had fun working with Earth First Gardening and I think you will too! All you have to do is visit and fill out the referral form! You will get a $15 CREDIT towards any future gardening services!

Heads Up

Gardeners can reschedule appointments when temperatures go above 90 degrees and below 40 degrees. During inclement weather, appointments will be decided on an individual basis. All appointments can be canceled or postponed during storms or in areas where lightning is present. For safety reasons, all visits will be canceled if there is lightning in your area.

Sorry, we are not a landscaping company!

We do not plant large shrubs or trees, or provide lawn care services.

We are happy help you set up tree/shrub planting through local greenhouses and/or work with your landscaping company, tree trimmers and/or lawn care providers.

We Are Pet Friendly

If you have pets, please notify us of any special instructions as it pertains to your pets safety while we work.

Please let us know if you have any special accommodations for your pets in your outdoor areas, including gates, doors, or electric fencing that we should be mindful of while working on your property.

Let’s create an amazing garden together!

We can explain what services are right for you during a FREE consultation and customize our services based on your specific needs!

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