Backyard Chickens

Thinking about raising chickens in your backyard?

Earth First Gardening is here to help if you would like to explore the possibility of adding a backyard flock of chickens.

What We Do

  • Help select appropriate chicken breeds.
  • Set up list of supplies general care of chickens and common problems.
  • Teach you on how to safely check, store and wash eggs.

We can help you make a plan, coach you on how to care for your chickens and even assist you in getting your coup built with the help of Healthy Roots.

Please email with questions or to set up a virtual consultation. 

Fresh Eggs

If you are interested in fresh eggs, consider having backyard chickens. First, you must check with your town or village to be sure that chickens are allowed, and then it is always a good idea to check with your neighbors as well. 

Of course, providing the neighbors with a few fresh eggs every week also can help get them on board.

Fresh eggs have more flavor and you are now in charge of what is fed to the chickens, thus ensuring the safety and nutrition of your eggs. Chickens who are outside in the sun produce eggs with higher Vitamin D. than store-bought eggs.

Family Fun

Chickens also make nice pets are fun to watch and not too difficult to care for.

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